Golden Retriever Zooties (Baby Booties)

Fair Trade
fits infants up to 12 months, wool felt
$28 plus shipping
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Kork in the Kyrgyz language means vision. Since 1995, Kork: Fiber Art Group has been creating a vision for hundreds of women living in rural Kyrgyzstan.

Kork is a woman-led, women-run cooperative. In addition to providing a stable salary and a place of employment, Kork is a center of sharing and exchange. It is one of but a few places where women can gather, discuss, and enjoy being in an all-female environment.

Kork employs about 30 women, and every week five to six women come to the workshops looking for work. If only we could provide for all those interested!

Silk Road Bazaar began working with Kork in 2001 when founder, Andrew Kuschner, completed his Peace Corps service in Kyrgyzstan.

More of Kork's work:

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